With a background in theater, vocal music, and an English degree that didn’t lead to teaching or full-time novel writing, I eventually turned to the persuasive arts known as sales and heard multiple clients say, “You have a great voice. And so articulate – I would listen to you all day!” After many years of honing these skills, I decided to marry them together and enter the world of professional voice acting.

Employing a wide range of voices and expressions in commercial and narrative work, I’ve contributed to the financial, travel, and health insurance industries, utilizing clear, direct diction. My repertoire also includes audio books and online fiction narratives that exhibit a range of emotions, including warm, sultry, cheerful, sarcastic, and many others. I’m also working on scripts with my writing partner for animated projects to which I also intend to give a voice.

Nala the Beauty

                 We all know who actually runs this place.

I’m a non-union actor who is available for multiple assignments worldwide, with the ability and equipment to record and edit in my home studio. Let me take your project into directions you never dreamed possible!

(And while you’re thinking about voice over projects and wondering who you can hire to write your scripts, travel pieces, and/or general snark, check out the “Kim Is Writing” page – I just happen to be a freelance writer with many years of experience creating both fiction and non-fiction works. You’re welcome.)